Grief, Acknowledgement and Purpose


We, the LoLa Steering Committee, have been struggling to find the words to express our sadness and anger about what happened in our neighborhood, our city, and our nation in recent weeks.

George Floyd was murdered by policemen who took an oath to protect and serve our community. Such a brazen act committed openly in front of witnesses reminds us why it cannot be said enough: Black Lives Matter.

We also grieve for our neighborhood businesses that have been heavily damaged or destroyed. They are part of the fabric of our community and have been supporters of LoLa. We want to support these businesses and our community as they work to rebuild and grow.

We will share information about fundraising and volunteer opportunities on this website and Facebook page. We welcome your feedback and look forward to learning about the many parallel acts of courage, charity and creative service we can lend our neighbors and visitors.

LoLa’s purpose is to celebrate the diversity of our neighborhood through art.

Thank you, LoLa community, for coming together to make us newly whole.