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2014 Participating Artists:

(underlined names are linked to artist’s website)

Aneesa Erinn Adams Oil paintings and pen drawings depicting figures from Scandinavian folklore and mythology and patterns from Viking artifacts. Original work, prints, posters, and cards available for sale. (Site No. 10)

Helen Adelsman  / a self-employed seamstress (32 years) who makes fabric purses, kids hats, keepsake pillows by repurposing interior fabrics. (Site No. 28)

Lisa AndersonPaintings inspired by Abstract Expressionism.  Medium to large color theory, multi-layer, textured, mixed media paintings. Hand colored Collagraph prints. Hand painted gift items such as trivets and coasters. (Site No. 47)

Marian D. Anderson  / original photo note cards; suitable for framing. (Site No. 41)

Tim Armstrong / I paint people, trying to capture the uniqueness of each individual. (Site No. 16)

Lisa Arnold / sparkling stained glass mosaics for home and business. Many nature and garden themed pieces, large and small. (Site No. 12)

Jo Bauman / ”Making things” is a way for me to create and share, believing “a generous spirit is hard to resist.” There is beauty in this world, especially when we treat each other with joy and respect—that is good design at its broadest scale. (Site No. 37)

Kat Bernhoft / Mosaic bird baths with mandala designs, pots, and garden art made from glass tile, ceramic plate pieces and shells.  Indoor mosaic pieces include; candle holders, cigar boxes and jewelry boxes. (Site No. 43)

Melissa BormanI am a Minneapolis-based installation artist and photographer with a background in film theory. I use symbolically and historically potent words, imagery and objects to examine traditional and contemporary systems of communication, the distribution of information and notions of truth. (Site No. 18)

Jesse Brodd / Psychedelic expressionism meets drip and drop pointalism with bright colors and high energy. Resident artist at Harriet Brewing. (Site No. 8)

Kerry Brooks / hand-made, high-fired, wheel-thrown stoneware. Many pieces have fused glass as well. (Site No. 31)

Maya Brown (Mayamade)Artisan crafted soap and vegan apothecary items made with organic botanicals. I often source from other Minnesotans and I was recently featured in Minnesota Business Magazine. I also have a spot in the St. Paul farmers market. (Site No. 28)

Laura Burlis / Polymer clay paintings, switch plates and sculptures- the macro made micro! (Site No. 39)

Jean Bushey / Masterfully crafted contemporary jewelry. Semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls and beads. (Site No. 32)

Derek Carlson (Carlson Family Press) / Handmade block prints, cards, and hand-colored prints. (Site No. 8)

Lauren Catlin, Hopelark Jewelry / Jewelry made of polymer clay using sculpting techniques, surface treatments, and hand etching. (Site No. 6)

Katherine Clayton I work in multi-media- drawing, painting, fantasy landscape, canvas rugs & wallhangings, sculpture, concrete garden basins, mobiles, block printed tees, cards & prints, arts and crafts switch-plates, my bees’  honey. (Site No. 50)

Gordon M. Coons / linoleum block prints, paintings, pen and ink , sculpture, furniture (Site No. 24)

Kat Corrigan / expressionistic and colorful paintings of pets and other loved animals and of loved places and landscapes. (Site No. 43)

Jim DeFeo / paintings of local scenes of Minneapolis and St Paul, human events, landscapes and several abstracts. (Site No. 54)

Alice Delaney / concrete ornaments for the garden (Site No. 2)

Roxanne Dunlop / Colorful nature and landscape photography with a focus on the greater Longfellow neighborhood and South Minneapolis area. Minnesota’s weather changes frequently and I’m here to highlight and bring greater love to it! (Site No. 44)

Mary Ila Duntemann / Handmade art glass beads crafted using traditional methods; as well as finished wearable art pieces. (Site No. 52)

Hans Early Nelson / Combining old world quality craftsmanship and modern innovative design to bring you metalwork that lasts! Using recycled metal artifacts, I heat, hammer and reshape them into new everlasting metal objects. (Site No. 9)

Kate Ellis (Old Mill Candles & Products) /Handcrafted beeswax candles & products from our fourth generation family farm: beeswax crayons, hand balm, furniture polish; and candles, raw honey, and filtered beeswax. Free honey tasting and honey lemonade + beehive viewing (enclosed in glass and safe for kids). (Site No. 14)

John Elsner / I design and build 1:12 scale room boxes and architectural models in historic, period styles (Site No. 48)

Meg Erke / Paintings, prints, collage, and hand-bound books made from salvaged and repurposed materials. Inspired by nature and life in South Minneapolis. (Site No. 30)

John (NotBatman) Fairholton / Sometimes I mat (and even frame!) stuff what I point my pitchurgrapher at. Subject matter tends towards the crumbling, the forgotten, or just stuff that I think looks neat. (Site No. 7)

Nicole Fierce / blown glass with an emphasis on fun colors and accessibility. Also featuring mixed metal jewelry with an industrial flair. (Site No. 32)

Ann Gallick / Hand-painted nature-inspired images on silk; mixed media paintings and drawings. (Site No. 28)

Pat Gebes / Handcrafted jewelry with gemstones, crystals and metal wirework. Custom designs. (Site No. 28)

Jennifer Gilles / Watercolor paintings dealing with an interest in the continuity of space between solid and intangible form and the deconstruction of these visual boundaries through the utilization of color, fragmentation, and finite detail. (Site No. 26)

Jymme Golden / My work is about paying attention to things as they are. Nature, landscapes, birds and animals draw me in as I create and re-create what I see and experience. (Site No. 39)

Ludmilla Goldstein / Fabric art panels with use of fabric, wood, and metals; and I collect and repurpose all types of materials into my art pieces. (Site No. 43)

Kim Gordon / Oil paintings on paper and canvas of the local landscape, and illustrated greeting cards. (Site No. 13)

Timothy Granlund / Drawings, watercolors and oil paintings of familiar objects and otherwise. Hand-crafted wooden furniture. (Site No. 18)

Barbara Hamilton / I sense when the moment is right for capturing an image with my camera whether in my backyard or in Mexico! My passion is for color, light, and composition in my photos and watercolors. (Site No. 33)

Theresa Harsma / I make hand bound books, earrings and bracelets, and handbags.  I create one of a kind paste paper, batik on paper, and ironed plastic bags to use for these. (Site No. 21)

Kathleen Hartzler (Hartzler and Hanson) / Repurposed girls’ dresses for play and special occasions; stained glass, wood turning, and handmade soap (Site No. 20)

ChaRee Headley (CherriTree Designs) / Abstract paintings and wearable textiles. (Site No. 29)

Libby Hegtvedt, Rank & File / Handmade vintage-style Minneapolis and St. Paul pennants, paper crafts, and gocco printed greeting cards, along with inspired vintage finds. (Site No. 38)

Brad Herring / Turquoise, sterling silver and stone jewelry. (Site No. 1)

David Holliday / Found and recycled items turned into functional and nonfunctional art! Come see the scrapped bike parts turned into “bicycle taxidermy,” coat racks, and indoor bike hangers. (Site No. 30)

Maia Homstad / Functional handmade pottery, perfect for special occasions or everyday use. (Site No. 31)

Beth Kamienski (Babes in Stitches) / a line of hand knit lingerie and baby goods that are meticulously crafted with an attention to detail. Our products are inspired by vintage, romantic styling. (Site No. 38)

Molly Keenan / I make collages on artboard, jewelry, and repurposed/upcycled surfaces including but not limited to wood panels and keepsake items.(Site No. 12)

Shell Kelley / Pastel paintings of live bands, oil paintings, drawings in pastel and pencil. (Site No. 8)

Chris Kirkwood (umpblay designs) / taking life’s lumps and bumps and putting them into hand woven rugs. (Site No. 60)

Susan Kolstad / Kolstad works primarily in collage with tissue and other specialty papers. Most images are abstracted landscapes, although she does some figurative works. (Site No. 11)

Dan Kostecky / unique garden homes for your fairies, hobbits, or gnomes. Made of copper, brass, wood, and stone. Let your imagination roam. (Site No. 56)

Ellen Larsen / I like to paint things around the house; everyday objects have spirit—yes they do! (Site No. 34)

Vanessa Laven (Survival Organs) / The whole idea behind Survival Organs is that we’re all equipped with the stuff we need to survive life and the crazy stuff that comes in. My organs are just an external reminder that we’ve got that “right stuff” and can laugh in the face of it. (Site No. 28)

Laurie Letofsky / Fabulous mixture of photography, fiber, painting and mixed media. (Site No. 28)

Jenny Levernier (Jmml Designs) / sterling silver and stone jewelry; earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets. (Site No. 1)

Ricardo Levins Morales / I create colorful posters and cards within the Latin American graphic arts and printmaking styles on themes of community, social justice and the environment. (Site No. 36)

Sally Lieberman / Aprons for men, women, and children; women’s clothing; handbags; useful household textiles. Emphasis on traditional sewing and embroidery techniques, vintage and repurposed materials. (Site No. 30)

Lee Love I make functional pottery with an emphasis on tea ware to help people who use my work to slow down and enjoy their lives. (Site No. 21)

Emily Madland / I design and create jewelry using fine materials such as sterling silver, gold, semi-precious stones, vintage glass and Thai silver. I have been creating jewelry and selling my pieces locally since 2002. (Site No. 27)

Roseann Mammoser / I paint watercolors and block prints and portraits of Minnehaha Falls, trees, pets, flowers, and urban silos. (Site No. 50)

Franke Mathes / Functional, one-of-a-kind and whimsical pottery and garden art (Site No. 49)

Benito Medina / beautiful, one-of-a-kind kitchen implements fashioned from tropical and repurposed local woods and jewelry from Amazonian seeds. (Site No.52)

Anna Metcalfe / functional and sculptural ceramics (Site No. 4)

Adam Meyer (MPLS Woodworks) / Traditional woodworking with an artistic slant. (Site No. 17)

Julie Meyer / I’m a Minneapolis based handbag designer and maker, specializing in everyday bags with purposeful design; each bag is uniquely made by me, from start to finish, with quality fabrics and attention to detail. (Site No. 17)

Chris Miller / Old windows, a reclamation project; glass on glass mosaic, a colorful outlay of creativity; in the end, like jewelry for your home or earrings for your lean-to (Site No. 22)

Megan Moore / Megan works in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. Nature—plants, animals, and landscape—is her subject matter. She will be showing original work as well as prints and note cards. (Site No. 13)

Kelly Moriarty  / Meticulous and precise handmade embroideries using both vintage and contemporary transfers in modern colors that are framed in embroidery hoops. Bold and bright patterned paintings on thin wood, perfect for adding a graphic punch to any space. (Site No. 38)

Janie Mork / Colored pencil drawings of whimsical still lifes that feature frogs, toads, and fish. (Site No. 15)

Shirley Neilson / Beaded and sculpted jewelry, crocheted personal and kitchen accessories, topical buttons, and kitchen magnets. (Site No. 40)

Alice Nelson-Lindall (Parkway Pottery) / Functional pottery in a variety of high-fired glazes. (Site No. 58)

Bruce Nygren / I paint still lifes that resemble puppet shows and whimsical dreamscapes in oils on canvas. (Site No. 42)

Liz Parent / Making likable jewelry. (Site No. 9)

Sharon Parker / Quirky upcycled and repurposed journals; zines and chapbooks; drawings and cards; treasure boxes and pocket dolls for all ages. (Site No. 39)

Bob Payton / Contemporary art quilts by Bob Payton, an abstract artist who paints with colorful cloth. Wall hangings designed to unleash your creative spirit! (Site No. 46)

Brenda L. Peterson / I hand knit hats for babies through adults including monster hats, slouch hats, chemo caps and geek-themed hats. I also create fun tie dye clothing. All items are handmade with 100% rechanneled aggression. (Site No. 41)

Margaret Pezalla-Granlund / Margaret received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and has been awarded a MSAB Artist’s Initiative Grant and a McKnight Fellowship; and she has exhibited both locally and nationally. In her current work, she is fascinated by the imaginative possibilities of mathematical models. Come see watercolors, gouaches, and cyanotypes of meteorites, unknown places, and mysterious mathematical shapes! Site No. 18)

Harley Pierce / wood carvings, chip carving, relief carving and carving in the round. (Site No. 23)

Sandra Pierce / Fused glass jewels and home and garden decor made from recycled bottle glass. (Site No. 56)

Christina Plichta / Garden flags, plein air oil and watercolor landscapes, leaves, and flowers; paintings of local dancers in performance. (Site No. 51)

Mary Pow / MinneBites: Handmade Bags with Bite are designed and handmade in a home studio in Minneapolis. They include cute and creative animal-shaped bags for kids; handbags, wallets, and cases for women and men. (Site No. 59)

Celestine Pueringer (Create Laser Arts) / Create Laser Arts is the collaboration of three local artists to make imaginative laser-engraved goods and handmade functional wares in wood, paper, leather, stone, acrylic, and more. We make items that reflect our artistic vision using reclaimed materials. (Site No. 4)

Anna Rau / An animated variety of paintings and drawings. (Site No. 45)

Cherie Rinehart-Burke / A multimedia artist painting mostly oil and acrylics, workign with vintage material to create jewelry and mosaic sculpture. (Site No. 43)

Ella Ritzman / Hats, lampshades, furniture re-coverer and maker. (Site No. 38)

Mary Anne Rivers / Repurposed jewelry made from old pieces of jewelry into exciting new creations. (Site No. 35)

Areca Roe / Much of my work engages with our culture’s relationship (or lack thereof) with the natural world. This relationship is a complex one—we require and revere it, but we simultaneously destroy it. Perhaps above all, we have separated ourselves from the natural world, and from this comes a desire to reconnect with and return to wildness. In my work, I explore how these barriers and desires manifest themselves in our lives and our society. (Site No. 8)

Scott Rohr / Spectacular shades of hand-dyed garments enhanced with hand-drawn batiked images depicting nature, spirit, and creativity. (Site No. 43)

Monica Rudquist / Thrown and assembled porcelain for the table or wall. (Site No. 19)

Ana Ruiz McLafferty / My work includes landscape paintings that are influenced by Minnesota, Thailand, and Japan. I also have figure drawings and paintings that are framed and ready to hang on your wall! Kick wheel available for pottery-throwing practice. (Site No. 55)

Jack Rumpel / Wheel-thrown, functional pottery. (Site No. 5)

Angie Runnels / Repurposing items of beauty into collage, mixed media, jewelry and sculpture. (Site No. 16)

Bob Schmitt / A Chinese brush with a Minnesota spirit. Original paintings of Minnesota landscapes, Chinese calligraphy, prints, cards, scrolls and more. Daily drawing for $50 laughing Waters Studio gift certificate. Demonstrations daily at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. of one-stroke painting and splash painting. (Site No. 52)

Nancy Schultz / Full spectrum scarves, clothing, and yarn. (Site No. 3)

Sunny  Seri / Photography of all things inspirational including everyone’s favorite—dragonflies. Matted, framed artwork; cards, journals, minis and jewelry. (Site No. 1)

Jean Shannon / I make colorful, affordable, handmade woodblock and stencil prints and drawings inspired by my ten years living in Japan. (Site No. 21)

Sarah Simpson / I make functional, wheel-thrown pottery with a tight, refined style. My glaze colors are very bright and reflect my energetic approach to art. (Site No. 32)

Heidi Sonsteby (Heidi Hyphen) / Always artful handmade glass, metals, photos, and jewelry. Always expanding skills and ideas. (Site No. 37)

Tony Soruco / Functional and decorative ceramic pottery. (Site No. 45)

Julie Storlie (Taking Shape) / Handmade greeting cards (Site No. 46)

D Layne Tait / Unique purses, pillows, and home decor items (Site No. 32)

Dana Teske / Acrylic paintings with found objects such as driftwood, rocks, shells, coffee cups, or other treasures. (Site No. 26)

Michael Treat / I create mixed metal cuff bracelets, ink wash cityscape paintings and prints, and comic art, including zines. (Site No. 41)

Lisa Vitkus / Mixed media original paintings of landscapes. Variety of material used for texture and surface design. (Site No. 55)

Terry Vrabel Sonier / paintings (Site No. 52)

Jeff Weispfenning / Oil paintings of strange and wonderful people, based on stories, past experiences, religion, memories, history, etc. Expressive realism.

Kenneth Wenzel / Landscape painting in oils, and graphite drawings whose subjects are metro bridges (Site No. 57)

Anita White / I am a documentarian who draws and writes every day with empathy for what I see and feel. I also enjoy painting on silk and printing floral images with linoleum blocks. (Site No. 51)

Wallace White / Paintings of landscapes and muses. Powerful oil pastels of flowers and nature. (Site No. 51)

Beth Wicklund / Letterpress designs hand-printed on a 100-year-old printing press. (Site No. 43)

Rebecca Wicklund / Handcrafted jewelry made from sterling silver, copper, and brass with stones, pearls, and glass. (Site No. 43)

Mary Witkus  / Handmade journals, photo albums, brooches; photographs of Japanese gardens. (Site No. 53)

Jason Yoh (Yeoman Press) / Yeoman Press is a small letterpress shop specializing in custom printing for event invitations, personal stationery, and business cards. We print our work using a 100-year-old printing press, giving each project we produce a handmade touch. (Site No. 27)

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