LoLa artists

The League of Longfellow artists is dedicated

to bringing attention to the treasures of artistic expression

created by artists living/working

in the greater Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis.

el mas grande pequeño rastreo de arte de vecindario en Minnesota

Bandhiga ugv Weyn ee Xirfadeed ee Xaafad yar oo Minnesota ah

the biggest little neighborhood art crawl in Minnesota

Lolani Issaa gudichaa Arti Crawl kaan nano Minnessota kessatti Kana argamu

Qhov loj tshaj plaws ntawm qhov ib cheem tsam me tshaj plaws art crawl hauv Minnesota


Artists who participated in LoLa 2013:

(underlined names are linked to artist’s website)

Rachael Adams-Bliss  / works in Soft pastel and Acrylic paint. Subjects include the Minnehaha Dog Park, Como Park Conservatory, and her own back yard.

Helen Adelsman  / a self-employed seamstress (32 years) who makes fabric purses, kids hats, keepsake pillows by repurposing interior fabrics.

Marian D. Anderson  / original photographs taken by artist, attached to note cards. Suitable for framing.

Nikki Ann / hand-crafted mixed metal jewelry. Recycled and restored pieces made from one-of-a-kind stones, copper, recycled glass, vintage.

Lisa Arnold / sparkling stained glass mosaics for home and business. Many nature and garden themed pieces, large and small.

Rachel Avenido / colorful acrylic paintings, Roller Derby t-shirts.

Mark Barsness / with a printmaking technique images of manhole covers are obtained of the street and a series of paintings are connected.

 Mike Bauer / abstract, figurative and landscape paintings and drawings.

Jo Bauman / I love color! In many mediums: Embroidery, quilting making, bags, leather work. Creating unexpected, delightful combinations of materials and colors.

Anna Becker / colorful, elegant and functional porcelain pottery.

Frank Belland / fused glass wall and shelf art, designed in likes of Picasso works, bowl-fused, jewelry, stained glass, pet urns, and much more

Joshuwa Bialik / detailed and humorous colored pencil drawings of the deep life moments

Christy Binoniemi / life captured in fiber needle felted images on bags, wall hangings and wearables.

Marge Bohlander / paints animals and abstracts that combine imaginary imagery with bold color. Her collage pieces incorporate art papers and repurposed materials.

Karen Bonde / bracelets, neckware made from smooth river rocks and leather. Also colorful bead jewelry tastefully handcrafted.

Duane Boom / contemporary to craftsman style, stained and fused glass windows, lamps, buttons, and decorative items

Dick Brewer / carving sheets of clear, cast acrylic with a die grinder, then painting them using a variety of lacquers and enamels.

Jesse Brodd / psychedelic expressionism meet drip and drop pointalism with bright colors and high energy. Resident artist at Harriet Brewing.

Kerry Brooks / hand-made, high-fired, wheel-thrown stoneware. Many pieces have fused glass as well.

Laura Burlis / uses the magical medium of polymer clay to create miniature artscapes on switch plates, totemic sculptures and mystical mosaics.

Jean Bushey / jewelry inspired by nature with a touch of sparkle

Susan Calvit Donnelly/ from detailed “”Frenchy Cats”" to oddly charming beasts, my lovingly hand-crafted “”Animolls”" combine my passions for sewing and thrifting.

Terese Chillingworth / up-scale unique line of upcycled jewelry and refound objects and relict of long ago. By reclaiming then creating a statement necklace.

Elizabeth Clay / fanciful collage paintings, hand-crafted jewelry in fine silver, gold vermeil, silk, semi-precious stones and African trade beads.

John Clay / colorful abstract and naturalistic paintings, Rockwire sculptures of stone, copper and steel wire, and glass beads, for home and garden

Katherine Clayton / canvas floorcloth rugs, sculpture, irridescent garden basins, block printed tees, pounded Mission switchplates, painting, drawing, handmade cards, prints and more

Gordon M. Coons / linoleum block prints, paintings, pen and ink , sculpture, furniture

Kat Corrigan / expressionistic and colorful paintings of pets and other loved animals and of loved places and landscapes.

Felix Culpa / paints his website

Catalina Amaya de Bauer / abstract, figurative hand-painted bird houses, fashionable long necklaces among other pieces, oil pastels drawings, handmade cards and quilling

Jim DeFeo / paintings of local scenes of Minneapolis and St Paul, human events, landscapes and several abstracts.

Alice Delaney / concrete garden art

Roxanne Dunlop / the Longfellow area is an endless source of inspiration for my photography that emphasizes vibrant color and natural light.

Mary Ila Duntemann / flamework glass: layers of molten color shaped into a one-of-a-kind bead. These glass gems are incorporated into handsome adornments.

Hans Early Nelson / creates custom metalwork for residential, commercial and public art venues as well as sculpture, jewelry, home accessories and cutlery

Mary Ecker / unique multi-colored glass bowls. Several layers of glass fused together and then slumped on molds in kiln to form bowls.

Leora Effinger-Weintraub / photography, notecards, art yarn and crocheted creatures

Kate Ellis / using pure  beeswax from our 4th generation farm: Candles, honey, crayons, gift baskets, wood polish, and hand salve.

Meg Erke / hand bound blank books made from recycled vintage book covers. Collaged cards, mixed media paintings and prints.

Cheryl Fields / landscapes of journeys to sacred space and places: From the Black Hills to the sea, there is beauty all around.

Nicole Fierce / blown glass with an emphasis on fun colors and accessibility. Also featuring mixed metal jewelry with an industrial flair.

James M. Foreman / delightful, colorful earth meditations through photography and painting on prayer boxes, precious life paintings.

Jane Frees-Kluth / figurative sculpture, site specific public art and prints. Public and private commissions for sculpture and portraits – bronze, ceramic,. unique tiles

Ann Gallick / abstract nature artist. Inspired by shape, color and light, offering hand painted silk scarves, paintings and drawings

Robin Garwood / woodblock prints, spray paint stencils and installations exploring systems of categorization and communication, from language to identity

Tom Gavitt /my new work is all either Twin Cities inspired or illustrated poems, prcviously written.

Pat Gebes / handcrafted jewelry with gemstones, crystals and metal wirework. Custom designs.

Cindy Gentling / photgraphy taken in travels around the neighborhood and around the world. Available as note cards, matted and framed images.

Jymme Golden / evocative, vibrant soft pastel paintings and drawings of the natural world, landscapes, portraits and a strong penchant for birds.

Ludmilla Goldstein / wall art panels of fabric and repurposed found objects. Whimsical Home Décor: birdcages, pincushions, pillows, etc.

Timothy Granlund / paintings, drawings, and watercolors of the everyday . Custom furniture and cabinetry.

Mimosa Greera mixture of functional stoneware and porcelain pieces with bird, plant and animal motifs inspired by folklore and science.

Daniel Gremillion / fine woodworking, conservation picture framing, photography and fine art painting with a focus on landscapes and reclaimed wood.

Barbara Hamilton / my photographic approach is rooted in an inherent sense for color relationships and abstract composition. It is intuitive and reflective.

Theresa Harsma / artist made paste paper made into hand bound books, earrings and handbags made of layered/ironed plastic.

Drucie Heinen / hand-made cards, handmade children’s clothing tutus, made-made mittens, photo albums, oil paintings, children’s books

Brad Herring / Mother Earth is the best artist there is! I just try to enhance her work in my way.

Katie Hoffman / handmade candles, soaps, embroidered towels, purses, cat and dog toys, spark plug art, bath bombs and other unique items.

Laura Holewa / Lolamade Monsters are handsculpted figurine monster friends. Each is made from its own blend of polymer clays.

Maia Homstad / functional pottery: perfect for a special gift and everyday use. Patterned, colorful,elegant,rustic. Always inviting to touch and enjoy!

Kate Hutchinson / fashionably warm accessories for women

D. Erwin James / theme related crossword puzzle books: Super Bowl, comedians, word play, Vonnegut, etc. Golf sculptures mixed media that celebrate golf.

Kathy Jenson / original earrings, necklace, and bracelet creations in silver, copper, brass, gold with semi-precious stone, glass beads, Svarovski crystal and pearls.

Adam Paul Johnson / landscape paintings of ordinary places with an emphasis on color, mood, and loose representation.

Molly Keenan / using found text and images, illustration, and paint to explore feminism, science, fiction,popular culture and the natural world.

Carla Kennedy / functional colorful clayworks: pots, tiles, specialty items made with red earthenware. Also photography: prints, cards, magnets

David Kluth / creating visual magic via pointilistic surrealism

Susan Kolze / Zentangles are fabulous black and white pieces of art you can make in one strike at a time.

Vera Koracovic / transparent watercolors on paper or MUPO.; landscapes and figure drawings in watercolor.

Dan Kostecky / unique garden homes for you fairies, hobbits, and gnomes. Made from logs, copper, brass, and stone. Let your imagination roam.

Tim Krinke / primitivistic bronze and wood sculptures, chiaroscuro figure paintings in acrylic from live model sessions.

Connie Lanphear / stained glass lamps, candleholders and other pieces are inspired by nature, mostly trees. Some incorporate natural or reclaimed materials.

Ellen Larsen / acrylic paintings. Mostly still life: indoor/outdoor. Light and shadow get married and promise to remain colorful.

Jamie Lauler Solberg / peaceful prairie landscapes and dramatic skies. Original oils and giclee prints of our local landscape.

Laurie Letofsky / a delightful variety of items you never realized you needed. Come prepared to be amused!

Jenny Levernier / sterling silver and stone jewelry, appliqued, textured, wrapped, soldered and polished rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Ricardo Levins Morales / poster art in the Latin American graphic tradition on social justice, cultural, and community themes

Sally Lieberman / aprons, clothing, purses, and household textiles emphasizing traditional hand embroidery and vintage and repurposed materials.

Lee Love makes pottery for everyday use to help people who use my work to slow down and enjoy their lives.

Tammy Lyon / mosaic birdbaths/feeders, light switch covers,repurposed candle holders. General hand made craft items. Handmade crocheted hats/headbands.

Roseann Mammoser / I draw/paint the things that I love. It allows me to take time to appreciate the beauty around me.

Presley Martin / combines ceramics, wood and found objects in new and unexpected ways

Michaelynn McCarron / skyscapes influenced by my travels to Spain and Macedonia, and the photos I took on those adventures.

Benito Medina / beautiful, one-of-a-kind kitchen implements fashioned from tropical and repurposed local woods and jewelry from Amazonian seeds.

Anna Metcalfe / makes thrown and hand-built earthenware pieces for daily use and special occasions.

Jocelyn Mickelsen /  melts glass using a torch and make glass beads, available as single beads or made into jewelry.

Chris Miller / whimsical glass on glass mosaic: like jewelry for your home, in other words, earrings for your lean-to.

Helen Miller / practicing traditional upholstery textile printing, basket making, beadwork, and garment making

Cathy Milostan / small and delicate individually handpainted flowers and grasses on greeting cards, bookmarks and matted pieces ready for framing.

Janie Mork / drawings of reptiles and amphibians in still-life that, though whimsical, explore themes of self-image, beauty and fairy tales.

Debbra Myers / original designed jewelry utilizing semi-precious stones, shells, beads, feathers. Inspirations: the environment, nature, my Native heritage, culture and traditions.

Karen Nestingen / watercolor paintings of berries ,vegetables, abstract landscapes, and collages. Glass yard sculptures, plant stands, candle holders, bird baths, cake stands

Rachel Newby / printed and silk-screened art and cards

Lolly Obeda / concrete garden mosaic sculptures from 5 inches to 5 feet in scale as well as a variety of outdoor objects

Jordan Olsen / functional pots for the kitchen and table. These pieces are a marriage of simple, balanced form and tasteful embellishment.

Elizabeth Parent / Liz P makes unique jewelry from a wide range of reclaimed materials

Sharon Parker / an eclectic mix including journals from recycled beer and tea boxes, tins with random objects for children, drawings, chapbooks,cards

Richard Parnell / outdoor sculptures of bike parts, metal, stone, and wood. Installation around Fallen tree. Interactive, collective painting: “Make Art/Not War”

Bob Payton / new fangled fabrics: contemporary quilted wall hangings by Bob Payton, an abstract artist who paints with colorful cloth.

Ashley Pernitz / sewn Ipod and e-reader cases, coffee thermals, cloth dolls and clothes, messenger bags. Welcomes special orders.

Mark Perry / refurbished, reclaimed and repurposed furniture and home décor along with custom woodworking, creating toys and yard games.

Susan Perry / children’s art depicted in rugs, stained glass ornaments and yard stakes, beaded serving utensils.

Mindy Person / hand dyed and spun fibers, knitted/felted crafts. Hand painted cement lawn art (Bird baths, etc). Mixed media paper craft.

Brenda L. Peterson / knits hats including monster, comic book and other all-season hats. Also creates upcycled tie dye clothing

Marjorie Peterson / makes beautiful baskets using re-purposed fabrics and leaf impression with concrete.

Margaret Pezalla-Granlund / paintings, drawings, and sculpture inspired by distant planets and SciFi book covers.

Harley Pierce / wood carvings, chip carving, relief carving and carving in the round.

Sandra Pierce / fused glass jewelry and décor for you and your home. Repurposed wine bottle wind chimes and garden ornaments.

Chrstina Plichta / plein air floral and landscape painting, garden flags, portraits of people, pets and homes.

Jesse Quam / opening doors to places where people play.

Stacy Quast / fine art photography, watercolor along with handcrafted jewelry using ice resin, hand-textured metals and wire wrapped stones.

Anna Rau / my artwork is playful and nostalgic. Special feature entitled “Urban Farming” on display.

Cherie Rinehart-Burke / a multimedia artist: paintings mostly oil and acrylics, working with vintage materials to create jewelry and mosaic sculptures.

Ella Ritzman / handmade hats, lampshades, and other great stuff!

Mary Rivers / jewelry made with quality vintage pieces transformed into one of a kind, original pieces  for a look for today.

Scott Rohr / hand-dyed and batiked clothing for the entire family. Gigantic hula hoops and hand knit hats from the Twisted Groove.

Bianca Rosebear / traditional and urban influenced American Indian artwork: bracelets, lanyards, key chains, headbands, cowboy hatbands, flip flops,and belts. Adults and child sizes.

Sandra Rosebear / American Indian bead work, barrettes, earrings, hat bands, leather medicine bags, dream catchers, loomed bead work, hand done bead work, baby barrettes

Monica Rudquist / thrown and altered functional porcelain, includes cups, bowls, vases and a variety of serving pieces.

Michelle Rudquist-Anton / whimsical stuffed animals: cats, elephants, nursing pig with piglets. Hats and neckwraps

Jack Rumpel / pottery: wheel thrown, high fired, functional food-safe

Jody Russell / personalized gourd maps and pet memorials. Ancient looking gourd maps of real and imagined places. T-shirts with similar themes

John Sandy / custom stained glass designs, classes in glass fusing, jewelry and windows, lampshades. Oil paintings- figurative collages

Zoi Sandy / colorful and artistic stained glass windows, lamp shades, mosaic pieces and kiln fired glass plates and jewelry.

Bob Schmitt / a Chinese brush with a Minnesota spirit: paintings, Chinese calligraphy, scrolls, cards, prints, and more – for your home and spirit.

Kay Schneck / watercolor and oil paintings, portraits (human and animal). Handmade tiles and plaques. Commissions accepted.

Emily Schuett /  handmade jewelry, with glass beads and sterling silver. Bracelets with matching earrings, necklaces, and ankle bracelets.

Nancy Schultz / handcrafted clothing and yardage with ongoing craft salons and classes.

Sunny  Seri / photography of all things inspirational including everyone’s favorite – dragonflies. matted , framed, cards, journals, minis and jewelry

Jean Shannon / colorful, handmade woodblock and stencil prints and drawings inspired by my ten years living in Japan.

Sarah Simpson / a variety of pottery using cone 10 for rustic appeal and cone 5-6 glazes showing its perfection in its simplicity.

Tony Soruco / a mix of decorative and functional pieces, including some raku firings.

Jane Strauss / photogaphs classic cars, landscapes, especially panoramas, macro views of nature and the man made world and architecture.

Manola Suvannarad / attempting to sketch with my left hand one day at a time.

D Layne Tait / unique and limited edition purses, pillows and other home décor items.

Dana Teske / acrylic paintings on canvas with driftwood, shells, rocks, and other treasures. Hanging ornaments made of driftwood and beads and glass.

Michael Treat / painting, illustrations, handmade metal jewelry

Virginia Tyson / summer idylls, winter skies, chicken lickens. Delightful paintings of a suitably diminutive size.

Tim Uhl / painted depictions of the land of Od as seen through the eyes of Levinfold Manufacturing’s Chief Inspector.

Mary Rose Van Poperin / pet portraits, 5″x8″ to life-size, incorporating elements of landscape, interiors and still-life in an eclectic style.

Alan Wadzinski / mixed media assembleges: zoomorphic in nature.

Cassie Warholm-Wohlenhaus / hand-spun, -woven, and -dyed yarn, fabric, and textiles. Colors are from natural plant dyes grown in the Longfellow neighborhood.

Aych Wayne / a Longfellow-based art and screen print studio, works with shirts, Minnesota, and cats

Richard Weaver / takes ubiquitous items and images from everyday life and show them in a different context.

Jeff Weispfenning / paints expressive character portraits using colorful energy and careful eyes, be they gloomy girls or weird everyday people

Brian Western / stained glass and recycled glass sun catchers, ornaments, mobiles and small panels inspired by nature and imagination.

Bear Weston / a budding artist just beginning but it is clear he has talent. Come and encourage this inspiring young talent.

Anita White /floral watercolors, Mexican paintings. Silk paintings:birds, flowers, Minnehaha Falls. Cartoon graphic novels: Caregiving and Life Adventures

Wallace White / powerful paintings of landscapes, muses, and animals

Beth Wicklund / letterpress cards and prints, hand-printed on a 100-year-old printing press.

Rebecca Wicklund / contemporary sterling silver jewelry – some of which includes pearls, natural stones or unique glass beads

Mary Witkus / books handmade for writings, drawings and photos, featuring “Tiny Tomes”— brooches for inscriptions and pictures.

Jessica Zeglin / acrylic paintings and drawings in  wood panel of animals and insects exploring our interactions with nature

Martha Zemur / functional works for kitchen, toy box, yard, and garden; such as: aprons, tea cozies, dolls, cat’s play, birdhouses, garden baskets, and guardians.


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Participation in LoLa is limited to artists living/working in the greater Longfellow neighborhoods

(the geographic area defined as east of Cedar Avenue to the Mississippi River, and south of 28th Street to the Crosstown).